Searching For Iphone Tricks? Try These Ideas!

The way the iphone has been programmed wonderfully. It is easy to use and app system that allows it to do many things. There are hidden options you can use to personalize and optimize your phone even further. This article contains helpful tips to enhance your iphone user experience.

Get a keyboard that is bigger in order to browse easier with your iPhone. It is not necessary to buy a larger keyboard. You can have use of a bigger keyboard by simply rotating your iPhone and going to the address bar in Safari and tapping it. You’ll find that the bigger keyboard can make it easier to type faster using your iPhone.

You won’t need not worry about ending up on the wrong road with the iphone. The maps app lets you buy it and can let you see the location when you have service. This is great for helping you get home or visiting a new place you haven’t seen yet.

If you are online with your phone, you don’t have to type “.com” to end the URLs. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. While it may not seem like much, doing so will save you a lot of time over the life of your phone.

Say you are searching the web for a nearby dry cleaners. When you locate the number you were looking for, you don’t have to go back to the phone menu to call. Just press the number and you will be instantly connected to the business you want to contact.

Buy a screen protector for your iPhone. Without a protective screen, it can become scratched. Scratches can appear from just a small speck of dust on your finger. Your Iphone deserves a protective screen to keep it looking new.

A great tip to implement when using the iphone is to save pictures from those. Simply touch the image that you wish to save and hold for two or three seconds. You will see a pop-up box with options for the image.

Make navigation easier with your iPhone. Whenever you’re attempting to obtain directions somewhere or find stores located along the way, the map portion of the phone can be utilized as a GPS. Use bookmarks to mark your favorite locations or your home.

It is not necessary to close out an autocorrect suggestion by pushing the ‘X’ when deleting AutoCorrect suggestions. Just tap somewhere else on the screen anywhere instead. This closes the box and easily.

Most iPhone users spend a good deal of time browsing Mail or Safari, but they might not know how easy it is to save images from them. Press and hold on the image you wish to save. You will see a pop-up box that offers you the choice to save that image.

You can use the cord on your headphones to take an iphone photo. Begin by bringing the photo. When you are ready to snap the picture, hit the cord button. This will process the photograph.You can now save the picture like you would normally.

Taking full advantage of the iPhone’s multimedia abilities will let you get more from your device. It’s no trouble at all to download video clips from the Internet or even whole TV shows to your phone, putting a little miniaturized entertainment center in your pocket wherever you go.

Use multimedia features on your iphone to get the most out of it.

If you are looking to add, multiply or subtract something really fast, take advantage of the calculator function in the utilities section of the iPhone. When holding the phone upright it is a regular calculator, but by tilting it sideways you will get a scientific calculator.

Are you having second thoughts about the last text you sent out? Did Auto Correct mess up your meaning again? There is a very easy way to fix this; just shake your iphone quickly. This will automatically erases recent typing. Go to your Settings and make sure this function is enabled.

The Safari browser on the iPhone is so amazing and lets you accomplish pretty much anything that can be done on regular computer. If you run into a picture you want to save while you’re browsing, just tap and hold it. A menu will appear that will allow you to save the image. After saving, you can insert this right into a text message.

The default setting for your iphone will show you a preview of any incoming messages right on your lock screen. You may find this annoying rather than convenient. You then want to disable the “Show Preview” feature.

AutoText shortcuts are an ideal way to quickly add frequently used words and phrases into your texts. This can be handy when typing common phrases like “where are you” or entering long email addresses. You will find this option in the keyboard settings of your iPhone.

As you may already be aware of, the programming for the iphone is quite sophisticated. From the sleek look to the programs involved, it is a tremendous device. Use the tips in the article to get the most out of your iphone.

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is that it allows you to use practically any sound as a ringtone. Don’t stick with the default tone like most people do. Use a favorite song by uploading it. That should get the attention of others.

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