2-in-1 Mini Fan for iPhone/iPad and Android – 3-Pack Bundle

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Do you or your friends have an iPhone or and Android phone (or both because why not?) and you want to cool off while using your smartphones? Get the 3-pack bundle of 2-in-1 mini fans for you and your friends! Each mini-fan is a small and compact device that can be connected to any iPhone or iPad with a lightning connector or an Android phone with a micro USB connector. The body of the fan is made of hard and durable TPE plastic, and there are no cords worry about. Great as a gift, just plug and use!

NOTE: Avoid contact with the rotating blade as it may cause minor damage to the fan.

2-in-1 Mini Fan for iPhone/iPad and Android - Pink, Blue & Green - 3-Pack Bundle

Im fat and its Texas. Its constantly hot-first day of fall-thats a lie. We are still hitting high 90s here. Ive had those fans that are battery operated that spray mist all over you but they suck when batteries start going dead. Then I came across 2-in-1 Mini Fan for iPhone/iPad and Android. These were perfect!

When you get them, they come in individual packages. I got a blue, pink and green one. Each one is silicone so its not going to cut off a finger. By having 3 in an order this means that I can give one to Jack to use on his phone and one to Cameron to use on his power bank without them being babies and crying bout how I have something that they dont. On the back of the packages there are, instructions on how to use them but honestly its pretty easy to figure out. Just plug it into your charger and it starts right up.

Each fan has 2 different ports ends on it. The outer most one is iphones (lightening cable port). Then you can remove the outer port to show the micro charger port. This will work on powerbanks, android phones and anything really that has a micro port. So that means if I wanted to let my baby brother try it out on his phone (he has iphone 6), he could and we wouldnt have to do any weird adapters. I currently use it on my S7 with no problems.

These will not work if you have a case that charges your phone. What I mean is that I have a case on my S7 that when my battery is running low, I press the button and it charges my phone. The only time it will work with this case is if its in charge mode.

They do put out quite a bit of airspeed/power (you can see it in my video). They are small enough that you can carry around in your pocket. Overall I love these! They are better than the battery operated fans-more powerful in my opinion- and they dont eat the charge of your phone (I didnt even notice my % going down after running this for 30 min straight). You can check out more details and buy this on amazon right now by clicking .https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01K1XF6BS/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I did get this at a full promotional discount for my unbias review in return.
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